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German Shepherd Breeding and Dog Boarding San Antonio

German Shepherd Breeding/Dog Boarding San Antonio A puppy is a bundle of energy, puppy kisses, and tail wags. Many people are concerned that a professional trainer might train that free-spirited puppy nature out of them. Your adult dog might have problem behaviors (jumping on guests, shredding the couch) but isn’t that just Max being Max? Enrolling your puppy or dog in professional dog training like the training offered in the peaceful country atmosphere of Lara’s Canine Solutions is one of the best things you can do for your four-legged friend, as well as for yourself as a dog owner.

Lara’s Canine Solutions For Your German Shepherd Breeding

Lara’s Canine Solutions specializes in German Shepherd Breeding and dog boarding San Antonio, Texas. And clearly when you are involved with German Shepherd Breeding and the raising of these dogs, the importance of dog training is apparent. Most owners realize the importance of training a larger dog, but tend to think it’s not as important to train small dogs. Large and small dogs of all breeds have been guests here at Lara’s dog boarding San Antonio accommodations, and while all dogs are equally loveable with their own unique doggie personalities, it is apparent which dogs have been professionally trained.

A well-trained dog is less stressed. Training a dog is not about controlling the dog, it is giving the dog the gift of control over his or her environment. When a dog isn’t trained, the dog has to figure out what works on his own through trail and error. The dog learns that tearing up a shoe gets attention, for example. What it learns if not trained, is that the world is unpredictable. When a dog is trained, he or she knows that offering a paw, or sitting, or speaking on command, will get a reward. A dog that feels a sense of control over the world is a less stressed dog.

A well-trained dog means less stress for the owner. The obvious stress of damage to property will be removed (as well as the money savings that pay for itself). But also the owner will have less stress because a well-trained dog will be less vulnerable to harm, they will come to the owner on command, and will sit and stay in a potentially unsafe situation.

There are many more benefits to having your puppy or dog professionally trained. Explore this site to learn more about the benefits of training, as well as German Shepherd Breeding and the advantages of utilizing Lara’s Canine Solutions for dog boarding San Antonio, TX.

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