Professional Dog Kennels and the 3 Top Reasons to Board Your Pet

Professional Dog Kennels and the 3 Top Reasons to Board Your Pet

Your vacation is quickly approaching, but you haven’t decided on the best accommodations for your puppy or grown dog. Many families often choose a family member or friend to look after their animals when they’re gone. Although this choice is a logical one, you should also consider local dog boarding. In fact, professional dog kennels offer you the best accommodations and several other reasons to board your furry friend in the first place.






A Great Excuse for Immersed Training

Your dog might be staying at a dog boarding facility for several days or an entire week. This time period doesn’t have to be solely filled with naps, short playtimes and meals. Use this time to immerse the dog in training exercises. Each day, professional trainers can work with the dog so that new tricks and commands become part of the pet’s language. Dogs might learn to heel, fetch or sit in the short time you are away.

Training will normally occur several times a day in order for the information to set in. Your pet still has enough time to relax between the training sessions. In reality, most pets see the training as a playtime session instead of a serious class. When you arrive back from vacation, your pet will have a complete makeover at the dog kennels. You’re also welcome to make advanced arrangements requesting certain commands to be taught as part of the training so that you know what to expect.

Supporting Medical Needs at Dog Kennels

You may trust your loved one to take care of your pet, but mistakes can happen if an illness is involved. Take the worry out of your getaway by using dog boarding in San Antonio. Professionals at these facilities will interview you before the stay. They’ll discuss any health issues that might be a concern. In many cases, your pet may have pills or injections that must be administered on a daily basis. Boarding professionals document this information, and they’ll care for the pet with attention to detail.

You’re welcome to indicate certain times for medications, feeding or playtime. Each pet that requires special care will have an indication on their individual kennel. If any issues arise, you’ll receive an immediate phone call. Relying on loved ones for medical care may not be their strong suit, which can lead to health complications and frustrations between family members.

Getting Social with People and Other Pets

A simple reason to board your dog is practical fun. A person visiting your home won’t offer the same stimulation as a boarding facility. Your pet has a chance to socialize at almost any moment. Caregivers offer exercise, fun and furry rubdowns. Under controlled conditions, pets socialize with each other as they explore friendships on their own terms.

If your pet is the shy type, don’t worry about too much stimulation. Boarding facilities also have calm areas to relax in when pets simply want a little timeout. No animal is pushed to perform any activities that they don’t feel comfortable with. Professionals will simply note the activity levels on a log so that you’ll know exactly how the pets behaved when you return. Socializing and enjoying life is part of being a happy pet.

Don’t keep your favorite dog in the dark about their temporary home. Bring your dog down to a New Braunfels facility. Allow him or her to smell and tour the dog kennels at leisure. When you return with your pet, the facility is already a familiar place. Dog boarding can be rewarding experience for the pet along with a much needed break for the family as they relax on an enjoyable vacation without worry.

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