New puppy? Get a dog trainer today!

New puppy? Get a dog trainer today!

Adopting a new puppy is a milestone for any family. Those huge eyes and oversize ears will make anyone fall in love with a favorite dog breed. Although the excitement surrounding the new dog is overwhelming, a few practical items should be considered. Hiring a dog trainer in San Antonio is an important step during a puppy’s first year. Discover all of the benefits to dog training when families bring their puppy home for the first time.

Setting Early Boundaries with a Dog Trainer

When families start their puppy off with professional dog training, the pet learns boundaries before poor habits can begin. The dog will know that marking in the house is bad, whereas eliminating waste in the yard or on walks is good. Early boundaries also contribute to good, puppy manners. Excessive barking can be stopped during the early years while still encouraging vocal sounds when a bad situation occurs, such as an intruder stepping into the home.

People and Dogs Learn Training Together

Ideally, family members should attend the training classes as the puppy acclimates to the process. Pet owners who are new to dog commands can become part of the class too. The  might offer suggestions to the pet owner as the dog completes certain exercises. With both the pet and owner well versed in obedience commands, the entire household can be more harmonious as the dog grows into adulthood.

Safety Considerations

The puppy might be a tiny animal right now, but the breed will dictate its full-grown size. Puppies can quickly grow into huge animals. If that animal isn’t trained as a pup, a huge dog might pose safety concerns to the family or visitors. With obedience training, that large dog can sit, stay and heel on command.

Happy Lifestyle

Scolding an untrained dog isn’t part of a happy household. Without the proper puppy training, the family pet might be more of a burden than a blessing. Defecating indoors or barking through the night may become a normal occurrence, for example. Early training almost ensures a well-behaved dog in the future.

Ideally, families want to hire a dog trainer who has experience with a particular breed. If a family adopts a German shepherd, a trainer specializing in that breed is the best choice. With firm dog training in the pup’s background, he or she can grow up into an obedient, family pet.

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