Raw Diet

Commercial Dog Kibble: What You Don’t Want to Know, but Should

The 1968 study that produced the RDA for dogs, was revised in 1972, to reveal that grains in any form are completely unnecessary to a dog’s wellbeing. The dog food companies did not want to minimize their profits by taking out the unusable proteins from grain that are VERY cheap, so they routinely ignore the study.

The RDA is measured BEFORE the dog food is cooked, and any dog food that does not say “slow cooked,” or “oven baked,” is usually flashed at 600 degrees in a machine used for extruding plastic. Very few vitamins and minerals can withstand 600 degrees.

The source for ingredients in most major dog food companies are the lowest bid worldwide, and constantly changing, which has led to the deaths of many of our pets worldwide due to molds and other toxins.

A dog requires 14 hrs to digest kibble. If the dog is fed twice daily, that means the dog’s body is constantly digesting, and has little time to clean, which can be a factor in allergies, and other chronic problems.

Euthanasia fluid has been found in dog food. (Euthanized dogs and cats are one of the ingredients that may be included under the euphemism “meat/meat by-products.”)

Raw Diet:

In nature, dogs would be in the same category as wolves and coyotes. Their primary diet would be mice, rats, rabbits, etc. The home version of the diet is intended to recreate the “bunny.” Imagine the proportions of bones, meat, organs, and stomach (veggies) and you are well on your way. The diet does not have to be the same everyday; in fact, variety is best. It does not have to be 100% complete every day, just like our diets rarely are. The important point is to balance all components over a short period of time. Examples will follow after the explanation of proportions.

  • 60% Raw meaty bones (could be chicken quarters, wings, or legs; beef or pork ribs, turkey necks or backs, hunting leftovers, etc.)
  • 30% muscle meat: for ease in motivating dogs to eat other ingredients, usually ground.
  • Can also use canned mackerel, though I wouldn’t use it daily.
  • 5% organs: this can be added daily to veggie mix, or can be a higher percentage weekly. This is any kind of organ, it is best to think in terms of variety.
  • 5% veggie/fruit mix: for most people, it is easiest to use any leftover veggies, fruits that become too ripe, any part of veggies that are not eaten (stalks, seeds, skins, etc.) Must be ground for proper digestion.


Springtime Inc: Joint Health Supplement, Bee Pollen, Garlic
NaturMix USA: Salmon Oil

Benefits For All Ages:

  • Slow, steady growth for improved bone and joint health
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Controls Tartar build-up
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved allergy symptoms
  • Increased energy
  • Firmer, smaller stools
  • Less body odor
  • Healthier immune system
  • Control over the ingredients

Example for multiple dogs:

I have numerous dogs that are bred, work, and endure the seasons while they wait their turn for inside time. I make veggies and fruits monthly (including all the colors of fruits and veggies helps ensure you are including all the vitamins.) I put all of it together in a food processor and grind it to pulp. Then I add any desired supplements, excluding calcium, magnesium or phosphorus. These are already in perfect natural harmony through the proportion of raw meaty bones and muscle meat. I add apple cider vinegar for natural parasite protection, bee pollen and vitamin C for immunity boosters, kelp for reproductive health, and joint formula. For most people, these are unnecessary. Supplements should be chosen according to the health deficits of your particular pet. Most people (and probably me!) overdo them.

I put the veggies in 32 oz containers, which is 5% of my dogs daily needs and freeze.
Organs are ground (they don’t have to be) and also frozen in 32 oz containers.
Then I thaw and mix the daily portion of each with my muscle meat.
I feed raw meaty bones AM, and the meatballs PM. I toss them outside and let my dogs eat off the ground because I don’t want any bacteria anywhere it doesn’t have to be.
It is very easy once you have the drill.

Example for one dog:

Puree your veggies, put them in an ice cube tray and freeze.
Feed your raw meaty bones AM or PM, as you prefer.
Mix your veggies and muscle meat into patties/meatballs daily, or premix and freeze all together and thaw one daily.
Feed organs 35% once weekly, instead of meatballs.
I also fast my dogs once a week. It gives the body time to “clean out.”

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