Do Your Research before Boarding Your Dog

Do Your Research before Boarding Your Dog

 It’s likely, at some point, you may need to leave your beloved dog behind in a dog boarding facility while traveling either for business or pleasure. Although it’s not easy, it’s important that the dog has a comfortable, safe environment to stay in throughout the visit.


Dog Boarding Accommodations

It’s crucial to know where your dog will be temporarily staying and what the conditions will be like. Request a tour of the kennel to make sure the surroundings are clean and organized. Take a close look at the cages and/or runs because any dog not used to this setting will undoubtedly suffer a great deal of anxiety when crated.


Food and Diet during Dog Boarding

Boarding is a stressful time for both the dog and owner, even if both have been through the process before. A sudden change in your dog’s diet during boarding can possibly result in vomiting and diarrhea and cause even more stress. This can easily be avoided by bringing your dog’s own regular food.


Walking and Exercise

Some dog boarding facilities only allow dogs out to exercise twice a day and for just a few minutes. If your dog has high energy, this could pose a serious problem. Seek dog kennels that walk dogs a minimum of three or more times each day. Also, note if they have a fenced-in section outside for dogs to roam and play.


Injury and Sickness

All reputable dog kennels should ideally monitor a dog’s daily habits. Most kennels keep logs of urination, defecation, water intake, and overall appetite. Some facilities will do a “once-over” daily on boarders to ensure there are no changes in their physical appearance and condition; especially, if the kennel is part of a veterinary clinic or hospital. If it’s not, determine where exactly the facility takes ill dogs for care or for an injury.


Interaction with Other Dogs

Some dog kennels offer sessions where dogs are allowed to play with one another off their leashes. While this can provide exercise and some fun for the dogs, it can also be somewhat dangerous. Even a calm dog can get over-stimulated around several other energetic dogs and become involved in a fight. If you’re thinking about boarding your dog, don’t hesitate to ask your friends or dog’s vet about which dog kennels they recommend. Lara’s Canine Solutions in New Braunfels is ready to answer any questions that pet owners may have about boarding their dog along with any other related pet concerns as well.


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