Responsible Dog Breeders: Signs To Look For

When you decide to adopt a purebred dog, there’s a good chance that you will have to visit many dog breeders in the San Antonio and New Braunfels area to find a good one. It’s important that you not only visit breeders, but also meet the parents of the puppies to see if you can get an idea of what a puppy might be like and whether they fit with your household. Will they respond well to dog training classes? These are important factors when purchasing a purebred. Besides knowing the family, the breeder of your new dog is important, since finding the right one will help make sure you have fewer complications after adoption. The question is, how do you know when you’ve found a responsible one? 

Do The Dog Breeders Seem to Care About the Dogs?

When visiting dog breeders, you can get a sense of which ones truly care about them. You can keep an eye on the breeders themselves to see how they interact with the animals. You can also watch the puppies and parents to see how they react to them. It’s a red flag if the animals shy away from the breeders or seem shy or frightened of visitors. 

They Should be Concerned With the Health of the Animals

A responsible dog breeder should be very concerned with the health and safety of the animals in their care. They should be able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about common health issues with the breeds they work with, and the animals should all be provided with regular health care including shots and regular check-ups. 

Friendly and Open

A responsible dog breeder is one that you should be able to trust, and one with which you should have a rapport. They will not just be helpful up to the point of your adoption, but also beyond that. They can provide mentorship and guidance, and answer questions about many issues you might have, such as dog training classes. A good dog breeder will be available throughout the life of your dog for any help you might need. 

They Will Hold You Accountable

Responsible dog breeders aren’t just interested in getting your business. They care enough about the animals that they want to find the right owners for them. That means making sure that you can provide the proper care and love. Many dog breeders will ask you several questions before adopting the dog to you, and they may even have you sign a contract. This might also mean that if you are unable to properly care for the animal, they will take it back to find new owners who can meet the criteria. 

They Will Not Rush the Adoption

Shady dog breeders are more concerned about making a “sale,” than with finding the right home for their animals. Puppies need to be able to learn from their parents and socialize with other dogs and people. The learning that a puppy does in the first 8 to 12 weeks of its life is more important than anything it could learn in dog training classes. If a dog breeder offers to give you the dog before 8 weeks at the earliest, then you should turn the other way. 

Dog breeders are not all created equal. It’s crucial to find the right breeder so that you can have a healthy puppy and the support you need throughout its life. Call Lara’s Canine Solutions today with any questions you may have about our breeding process.


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