Behavior Problems

Behavior Problems

Dogs can exhibit eleven different types of aggressive behavior and each has a different cause and cure. If the correct techniques are used, most of these patterns can be remedied with patience and determination. If your dog is signaling aggression, seek help immediately! Aggression issues generally become more pronounced over time, and not less. Growling, nipping, biting, staring, stalking, snarling and snapping are some behaviors that demand attention. Don’t panic, don’t procrastinate, call me for help.

Second Hand Dogs

We can erase the mistakes of the previous home with proper care and the correct balance between love and respect. The transition from the shelter or pound to the new family can be eased through awareness of the dog’s individual needs. Learning techniques designed to assert control over your dog without intimidation is very important to establishing a lasting bond.

behavior problems

Rehabilitation of Abused Animals

An animal that has been rescued from an abusive or traumatic situation needs to be taught the confidence that it has been robbed of and it’s sense of safety restored. Otherwise, it will not develop into a healthy, mentally stable pet. Sympathy is not enough, understanding and action are the key.

Phobias can be overcome in an abused animal. This greatly increases the confidence of the dog and it’s quality of life. The dog can only regain confidence through the trust it has for it’s owner. Ease the unnatural tension in the abused or phobic dog’s life through skilled handling.

Some of the challenges solved by Lara’s Canine Solutions include:

  • housebreaking problems
  • manners
  • aggression problems
  • puppy problems
  • separation anxiety
  • jealousy
  • mouthiness
  • puppy biting syndrome
  • gun shyness
  • shyness
  • destructive chewing
  • marking
  • jumping up
  • running away
  • escaping
  • bolting
  • fleeing
  • excessive barking
  • nervousness
  • digging
  • cat chasing
  • lick granulomas
  • tail chasing
  • neurotic licking
  • brontophobia
  • agonism
  • fear induced aggression
  • inter-male aggression
  • inter-female aggression
  • pain induced aggression
  • territorial aggression
  • food aggression
  • dominance aggression
  • predatory aggression
  • possessive aggression
  • protective aggression
  • maternal aggression
  • redirected aggression
  • aggression to other dogs

Training Tips

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