Superior Boarding

Superior Boarding

  • 12′ x 12′ indoor runs
  • Spacious exercise areas for group play time
  • Dogs crated at night to reduce stress
  • Quiet country atmosphere
  • Refresher Training available upon request. See training page
  • One on one attention
  • Bath included with a 2 night stay of boarding
  • Special needs are catered to
  • Boarding Rates (link from Bottom)
  • Convenient Drop-off and Pick-up
  • Click link to request boarding approval:
  • New Clients can register here
  • Past clients may log on after calling or emailing for username and password:

Drop-off and Pick-up Hours are:

Monday—Saturday: 9-11 AM & 4-6 PM
Sunday: 1-4 PM


Regular Boarding Rates:

1 Dog: $30.00 Per day
Additional dog: $26.00 per day. per additional dog

Dog’s that have trained with us receive a discount:

1 Dog: $26.00 Per day
Additional dog: $24.00 per day. per additional dog

Other Services

Daycare: $17.00 per day

Long Term Boarding ( 30 + days) $24.00 per day. per dog.

What to bring?…………………..

  • Dog food (If dog has sensitive stomach otherwise we feed all dogs Diamond, grain free, chicken and sweet potato)
  • Medications (Due to certain side effect not all medication can be administered)
  • Fleece blanket only, with dogs name on it. (No comforters, pillows, or dog beds. We have beds available)
  • One small toy  (Dog are put in play groups when possible and items may be lost)
  • No bones (Dog are put in play groups when possible and items may be lost)

All Items brought needs to fit into a 12.5″X13″X8.5″ reusable shopping bag.

Lots of love and playtime will be given to each dog.

Call us at (830) 904-HUND to make your reservation!

For the best boarding experience of your dog’s life

When you take a vacation, send your dog to his / her own country retreat. Our kennel is designed to alleviate the stress of boarding through providing spacious, immaculately clean indoor runs, solid walls to prevent fence fighting, large exercise pens and clean, country air. Heating lamps in winter, evaporative cooling system in summer keeps kennel temperate year round.

Play Time

Dogs are outside playing and exercising 4-6 hours a day weather permitting. Socialization with other dogs is encouraged if dogs are friendly.

Hill Country Environment
We have other livestock and farm animals on the premises and discourage barking or showing aggression on the part of any of our dogs or boarders. Your dog will also receive lots of TLC, a healthy diet and any emergency medical treatment if needed.
Healthy Diet

Never an extra charge for feeding special food that you supply. We normally feed Diamond Grain-Free Natural.

Raw Diet

We recommend and support feeding raw diet. For only $5 dollars a day, we can feed your pet the way nature intended. See our Raw Diet Page, or you can bring your own.

Training Tips

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