Successful Dog Adoption: Bringing Your Furry Friend Home

Successful Dog Adoption: Bringing Your Furry Friend Home

Committing to a pet adoption is a big step for families. From German shepherd dogs to tiny chihuahuas, every animal is unique. They offer a loving personality once they get used to their surroundings. When you’re ready to visit an adoption center, take a look at the steps that should be taken for a successful trip. A dog adoption is a major milestone for both the family and pet.

Prepare the Home First

Bringing home a pet changes the household dynamic. There’s another species within the space. It will require special attention, especially at first. Create a dedicated space for your dog rescue. Look for a space that has an easy-to-clean floor, such as a laundry room. The area must be designed for the pooch. Add in a comfortable bed, water bowl and light.

These preparation steps are critical because the pet will be fearful at first. Every animal must acclimate to new surroundings. When they know where the comforts of home are located, dogs can transition quickly into the household.

Ask for Scheduling Details

Dogs rely on a routine for both physical and mental comfort. As you arrive at the dog rescue facility, ask about your new pet’s schedule. Feeding, walking and resting times are all important facts to know. You should replicate them at your home so that the transition isn’t too tough.

Ask about the dog’s preferred food too. Ideally, feed the pet the same food at first. You can slowly change the food by portioning it out over time. Every accommodation to ease the dog’s move into your house will minimize stress and create a calm household.

Keep the Dog Adoption Transition Calm

Your entire family may be thrilled to meet the new dog. However, ask for only the main people to be near the dog at first. It needs to grow accustomed to the family. Any other loved ones should wait to meet the dog. Too many people, gasps, and squeals will frighten the pup.

Place the dog in a crate or carrier for the ride home. Maintain a relatively quiet and calm atmosphere as you bring the pup into the home. Without a lot of stress, the dog may transition faster than you expected.

Maintain Consistent Commands

The dog rescue that supported your new pet did their best to train the pup before adoption. However, previous owners and experiences might make some habits a bit difficult. Be sure to use commands approved by the rescue. Using certain terms and phrases might cause a negative reaction in the pooch. You want every command to be positive and loving from the dog’s perspective.

Be Patient with Housebreaking

The dog adoption facility may have told you that the pet was already housebroken. Upon arriving at the house, however, accidents occur. Remind yourself that every dog is under stress during their transition periods. Emotions get the best of some pets, which leads to accidents.

Pay attention to the dog’s cues when it comes to elimination. Yipping, tapping on the floor or walking in an uncomfortable manner might mean that a trip to the grass is warranted. Over the first few weeks, the dog should acclimate to the situation with fewer accidents every day.

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