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dog breederGetting a dog from a dog breeder in New Braunfels is a great idea if you want a happy and healthy pup. Of course, that’s only if you choose a reputable breeder that does their work ethically. There are, unfortunately, many breeders who are irresponsible and unethical, and simply in the business to make money, and not necessarily out of a love of dogs. There are even some that do not have ill-intentions but do things improperly because they have not taken the time to learn how to be good at it. Here are some signs that you are dealing with a dog breeder who might not be on the up and up. 

Would a Dog Breeder Prefer a Titer Test to Annual Vaccinations?

dog breederFor some people, right or wrong, childhood vaccinations are a controversial subject. The same can be said for dog vaccines as well. It is common for veterinarians to administer regular vaccines to keep animals safe, but there may be an even safer method to make sure that a dog is protected. If you are a dog breeder you love your dogs and only want what is best for them as well as their offspring.  A titer test is a way to check if dogs are already immune to a disease, and thus would not need a potentially harmful vaccination.