Thinking About Dog Adoption? Look For A Pet That Is Already Trained

Dog Adoption in San Antonio

Dog Adoption/Dog Training With nearly four million dogs and cats euthanized in shelters each year in the United States, it’s more apparent than ever that dog adoption in San Antonio is the right thing to do. Dogs are relinquished to shelters because their families are moving, develop allergies, have too many pets, cannot keep up with expenses, or simply no longer have the time they need to properly care for their animal. Unfortunately, a whopping 96% of canines entering shelters haven’t received any obedience training, proving a major deterrent when considering adoption. People often feel like they are inheriting someone else’s problems by bringing a second-hand hound into their homes. But there’s hope. With the right amount of quality dog training, almost every furry friend who enters the shelter can transform from “unadoptable” to a beloved addition to your family. 

Dog Adoption is a Second Chance

Due to lack of training, a lifetime of surviving on the streets, and other traumas like abuse or neglect that haunt their past, some dogs enter shelters with shyness, aggression, marking tendencies, and separation anxiety just to name a few. But keep in mind that problems can be fixed. Without prior knowledge, there’s no way your newly adopted pet would know how to behave or act in your home. You have to show them. Oftentimes, shelter dogs, and notoriously mixed breeds, are extremely quick to learn and eager to please. If taught, they can learn. They are simply getting a late start. 

Investing in professional dog training is invaluable. Your trainer or behaviorist will utilize proven techniques that employ both compassion and consistency which are vital to working with rescue dogs. Dog participants of all ages undergo evaluations so that training will be totally personalized and target specific issues. Depending on preference, owners can choose private or in-kennel training. Private lessons are a great way to involve the family so they bond with the dog and master training techniques themselves. In-kennel training might be easier for time-strapped owners to manage and allows dogs to profit from socialization that may have been lacking in their previous home and certainly during their stay at the shelter. Some specialists recommend that your dog should meet at least 30 new people in the first month you bring them home to encourage better socialization. Training is a great place to start. 

Animals that were rescued from severely abusive situations and homes have their own unique set of issues to overcome. These dogs have never experienced love or stability and prospective owners will need to work hard to gain their trust. Rehabilitation services help to restore their health, confidence, and sense of safety so that dog adoption is possible. Dogs may benefit from rehabilitation prior to or after adoption. 

Dog adoption gives these creatures a second chance. Dog training makes it a success. Training is available in the New Braunfels area so don’t hesitate another day to erase the mistakes of your canine companion’s past and build a better future together. 

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