Tips for Successful German Shepherd Breeding

German Shepherd Breeding – Healthy Stock Leads to Happy Dogs

German Shepherd Breeding German shepherds have become an extremely popular breed of dog due to their many admirable qualities. They are loyal, energetic, and hard-working dogs that can adapt to a large variety of situations. They are extremely intelligent, and they often enjoy the limelight for their services to policemen, firefighters and airport officials. Breeding these dogs can provide a rewarding experience that will change the lives of anyone that comes into contact with this well-respected breed.

How To Start A German Shepherd Breeding Program

The first step in beginning a successful German shepherd breeding program is to select a male and female dog that come from good stock. In other words, you are looking for healthy genes. Finding out as much as you can about the family history of the both the male and female dog will help to ensure breeding healthy, happy puppies that will grow into strong, reliable adults. If there are specific traits, especially physical, that you hope to see in your breed, then pay close attention to the prominence of these features in the mother and father that you select.

When you have the lineage information in hand, you can help to ensure a better match by choosing two animals who have a similar background. Some important dimensions of this consideration should include whether or not the dog has a history as a show animal or as a dog that performed work-related tasks. The health of the dogs should not be based on the word of former owners and visual inspection alone. Acquire veterinarian records to ensure that the information is accurate. Successful German shepherd breeding means taking every precaution, especially when it comes to the female. The female dog should undergo a thorough examination by the veterinarian. Her joints and hips should be x-rayed in order to be sure that she is free of dysplasia.

If it is your first attempt at German shepherd breeding, then it is also wise to seek out the opinion of more experienced breeders. They are the best source for answers to questions and concerns that you might have as a novice. Some owners choose to simply take a female dog into a male dog that is meant specifically for breeding. This process is known as studding. Taking this route will require that the owners enter into a contract and negotiate some sort of fee in most instances. These issues should be investigated beforehand in addition to checking on the policies concerning the location where German Shepherd breeding will take place. Both approaches should call for careful monitoring by veterinarians so that any problems with pregnancy can be identified and addressed as soon as possible.

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