Dog Trainer: The Techniques of the Trade.

Dog Trainer: The Techniques of the Trade.

Training any kind of dog, including German shepherd puppies, may appear daunting, but there are simple concepts behind the ideas. Sitting, staying and fetching are all commands people want their dogs to understand and obey. Whether a dog is young or old, they can be trained to respond positively to certain training techniques. Picking a technique depends on the dog trainer and animal’s personality. 


Replace that Habit

Create a contrasting habit to happen at the usual time an improper habit occurs. For example, a dog barks when an owner’s vehicle pulls into the garage. Train the dog to sit when the vehicle sound is heard, eliminating the bad habit and creating a new one. This training technique could be implemented for almost any undesirable habit, even in German shepherd puppies. Their memory will retain the information for life.


Dog Trainer Treat Strategy

All dogs like treats, making this training strategy relatively widespread. A dog trainer will ask the dog to perform an act, such as sitting. When they perform it correctly, a small treat is given. The dog associates the action with positive reinforcement, prompting them to repeat the action when asked again. Once they learn the command, provide a random treat when they perform the action. They’ll be certain to obey each time in hopes of a possible treat.


Touch Training

Sitting is a command that is helped along with touch training. For example, an owner asks the dog to sit. To verify the command, the owner presses the dog’s back slightly to indicate a sitting position. After several training sessions, the dog associates the word and hand with the actual movement. It’s critical to praise the dog during this training to ensure it’s a positive experience.


Correction Types

Correcting the dog is still a viable training exercise, especially if danger is looming. This training strategy is often a combination of verbal domination, such as a firm “bad dog,” and a pull on the harness. Reducing the dog’s habit of leaning into the street during walks can save their life. Correcting the dog each time the improper action occurs slowly trains them to stop.

Regardless of your town, including San Antonio, there’s always a qualified dog trainer nearby to help owners master the basics. If German shepherd puppies just aren’t adhering to the rules, it may be time to call in the professional. Cute puppies grow quickly into large animals requiring some control.

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