When to Hire a Dog Trainer (and Choosing the Right One)

When to Hire a Dog Trainer (and Choosing the Right One)

You may have gotten a new puppy, or you may have an older dog that you would like to behave differently. No matter the situation, a dog trainer can help improve your dog’s behavior and make your home more harmonious. There are many techniques and methods for dog training, and not all dog and dog obedience classes are the same. Here is a quick guide to knowing when the time is right to hire a dog trainer.

When You Need a Dog Trainer

Dog obedience classes are the best way to make sure that your dog integrates well with your household in a safe and controlled manner. It is surprising how many people do not get help with their dog training until the dog is pretty much an adult. However, despite the famous saying, you actually can “teach an old dog new tricks”. It is just best when they are younger or when they first arrive at your home. Whether your dog needs training in basic commands like “come” and “sit,” training will help. If your dog is being aggressive, then it is even more important to seek out help. That could be a dangerous situation, especially if there are children around. Dog aggression could be a sign of many different things, so it is best to seek out a professional to help solve the problem. That said, if there is any behavior or command you would like your dog to know, dog obedience classes are the best bet to get them there faster.

What is Training Like?

The first thing to realize about dog training is that it is not about training the dog. It is about training you to work with the dog properly. You and your dog can work together to learn and grow and understand each other. The dog owner can start to understand why a dog exhibits certain behavior, such as jumping on people, for instance. Once they realize that, then they can work on correcting the problem. It takes patience and effort, but you can see a major difference in even just a week.

Questions to Ask Your Trainer

There are a few questions you can ask your trainer to get a sense if they are a good option. First off, you can ask what kind of experience and training they have. If their only experience is working with their own pups, for instance, then you want to stay away. You can also ask about their training methods and style. If you are a dog owner, then you probably love dogs. Find a trainer that uses positive reinforcement by rewarding behaviors, rather than correcting with violence or yelling.

Definitely ask for references! You can ask your friends and family if they have heard anything regarding a particular dog trainer. Online reviews are also a great way to get information on a dog trainer. Ask them as well how long they plan on working with you. For full dog obedience classes for a puppy, it will be a several week process. For correcting a certain behavior, it may be a couple of weeks to a month.

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