Which Dog Behavior Problem Does Your Pet Demonstrate?

When you adopt a pet, dog behavior becomes an amazingly big concern in any San Antonio or New Braunfels household. The dog becomes a member of the family, and what they do or don’t do, can impact everyone in the home. There are several common misbehaviors that your new dog might display, and identifying them is important to understanding how to fix them. See if you can identify the dog behavior problem that your pet most demonstrates.  

Hyperactivity Dog Behavior Problem  

There are some dogs that just won’t settle down. Whether it’s jumping on you, running around the house, or even chewing on furniture, their


energy never seems to subside. When your dog is acting restless and overly energetic, then the problem is usually that they are bored and unstimulated. To fix this, the simple solution is to take your pup for a long walk. Or, if you already walk your dog regularly, add in some extra exercise, like fetch, where they can stretch their legs a bit. Inside the home, you can play with your pooch with toys. 

Being Rough

Dogs need to socialize, and often that takes the form of playing with other dogs. However, there are certain dogs that can get overly aggressive. This dog behavior problem can sometimes injure the other pooch, so you certainly do not want to encourage it, especially if your dog is in public a lot, or visits a dog kennel. Most dogs who play rough with other dogs will also play rough with you. To stop this, make sure that every time your dog is being overly rough with you, stop the playing right away and stand up. If you freeze and stop playing every time, your dog will soon realize what they are doing to stop the fun and will learn to avoid that behavior. 

Uncontrolled Elimination

The ideal spot for your pup to use the bathroom is outside at a location that is most convenient for you. If your dog is urinating or defecating in your home or in a dog kennel, it can be a disgusting habit, and also cause health hazards in some cases. If your dog tends to eliminate inside, then you must stop their behavior as soon as possible. Your dog simply does not understand the rules about going to the bathroom inside. You must go back to potty training your dog using the techniques you would use for a puppy. However, make sure that you are careful. In some cases, the dog might have a medical condition that makes it hard for them to hold their bladder. If you suspect this, then contact your veterinarian right away for a checkup. 

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a sad behavior issue because it just shows that your pup feels the safest when you are around. When you are gone to work or have dropped them at a dog kennel,  your dog might feel anxious, and they show it by chewing on things, including furniture, eliminating inappropriately, or maybe just barking all day and annoying your neighbor. Show your pet that you always return. Leave for 10 minutes, and then come back. This will calm them over time as they get more and more used to you leaving. Eventually, they will understand that just because you’ve left does not mean that you have abandoned them. 


There is almost no dog behavior problem that is impossible to fix with a little patience and effort on your part. Identify the issue and take the necessary steps to curtail the behavior as quickly as possible. 


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