Why Do People Think Dog Training is a Good Idea?

Why Do People Think Dog Training is a Good Idea?

When pet-lovers adopt a cat or hamster, the thought of training never enters their minds. However, most dog-lovers immediately look for a San Antonio dog trainer as soon as possible. Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals, so training them is one of the most logical steps toward a well-behaved pet. Between basic control and neighborhood safety, dog training is considered a good idea for almost all breeds.


Protection of Family

There must be a level of control when it comes to owning a dog. The immediate family should be able to ask the dog to sit, stay, heel and fetch on command. A dog trainer perfects these skills with the animal while also incorporating family members in the process. Dogs learn commands, but also pay attention to the tone of voice. They’ll be controlled by family members and trainers only. A criminal breaking into a home, for example, couldn’t yell out “stay” and expect the animal to behave correctly.


Large Dog Considerations

Pet owners with tiny Chihuahuas may be able to go without training, but large dogs cannot be simply picked up with one arm. From German shepherds to Great Danes, these dogs can weigh around 100 pounds. Commands must be learned and adhered to while keeping the dog controlled around family and friends. Start these large dogs out with training at a young age. Once they grow into their adult size, they’ll automatically respond to proper commands.


Dog Training Breeds Owner Respect

The bond between a dog and its owner must be a strong one, protecting the home and family each day. Training creates a relationship between these two parties, from serious commands to fun fetching games. When there is respect between the dog and owner, the animal will remain on the property and protect it. Animals without a strong bond may simply wander away, ignoring any commands on the owner’s part.


Neighborhood Safety

Training also protects the neighborhood itself. A dog without any training boundaries could bite a passersby or break out of a fenced area. Trained dogs know where their safe areas are located along with any forbidden locations. Between training and positive reinforcement practices, these dogs remain well-behaved around the neighborhood.

Interview several dog trainer candidates before settling on the right individual. Each trainer has a slightly different perspective on teaching and positive reinforcement. Matching the perfect professional to a pet makes dog training simple and effective.


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