Why Dog Adoption is Easier with a Dog That’s Already Trained

One of the main things that all new dog owners in San Antonio and New Braunfels worry about is training their new pet. It takes dedication and patience and often involves having to clean up some stinky messes from time to time. Dog adoption is exciting and fun, but you also want a dog that follows rules and poops where they are supposed to. While most people want to adopt puppies, there is a real benefit in adopting a dog that has already received dog training. That way, they have already learned some socialization skills, and also learned about certain rules. Here’s why in some cases it’s better to adopt a dog that is already trained.

Easier Transition

Adopted dogs often come from difficult situations. Sometimes they have been victims of abuse, sometimes they have been abandoned, and sometimes they simply grew up without their parents to guide them. Whatever the case, transitioning to a new home can be difficult. They can often be untrusting of humans, and might not know how to properly behave in the presence of others. If they are trained already, then they have regained their lost confidence and are more used to being around humans. They also will have some social skills, and be able to transition better to their new loving home.

Understanding Commands Right Away

When you bring in a new pet to your home, one of the first parts of dog training is getting them to understand commands. “Sit” is a common first command, along with “stay”. When you adopt a dog that has already been trained, then the work has been done for you. You can ask the adoption organization what commands the dog already knows, and use them right away. It’s like having a plug and play accessory for your computer. It just works right away. This will allow you to better control your dog right off the bat, and lessen the stress around the home.

It Can Save A Life

When a puppy is going through dog training, there are all sorts of pitfalls that can occur. Sometimes, these can be dangerous, such as when out on a walk. When you are training a dog to walk properly, they can end up snapping at the leash, slipping out of their collar, or pulling so hard that you might let go. Or, the dog might want to run out of the door when it is opened. These situations put the dog at great risk of being hit by a car, or of getting lost in an unfamiliar place. You can avoid these situations by adopting a dog that already knows how to behave on walks and is trained to behave more safely.

Training Before Dog Adoption Gives a Good Baseline

It can be reasonably said that dog training never ends. You can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks. However, for the non-expert dog owner, it can be hard to move on to more advanced training when you are still having difficulty with the basics. Adopting a pre-trained dog will allow for a good training base that can be built upon. You as an owner can focus on fine-tuning your dog’s skills and behaviors while the heavy lifting has already been done for you.

So when you are looking at adopting a new pup, just remember that there might be a slightly older dog that is just as much in need. If they are already trained before dog adoption, then that dog will come with a whole host of additional benefits to make your dog-owning life that much easier.

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