Why German Shepherd Puppies Spend So Much Time with the Breeder

German Shepherd puppies, dog breeder As you may have heard, Lara’s Canine Solutions has a fantastic litter of German Shepherd puppies available to puppy lovers in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and the surrounding area.  We are very excited to present them to the world and look forward to seeing them grow, develop, and move on to their loving forever homes. Everyone loves puppies, but you can’t simply take one of these puppies home with you right away. Puppies need to stay with the dog breeder for a little while after birth. During this time, they learn skills and socialize so they will be well-adjusted when they move away from the litter. Here are some reasons why it’s best that a puppy stays a little while with the dog breeder.


Puppies should stay with the litter for about 8 to 12 weeks. Probably the main reason for this is socialization. When a puppy is with its litter and especially its mother, it learns valuable behaviors. A reputable dog breeder will never let a puppy leave before 7 weeks at the minimum. During this time, the pup will learn how to deal and live with other living things. In a sense, the dogs learn how to dog. Mostly they spend their time playing with their littermates. This play most often takes the form of “fighting”, but they actually learn catching, hunting, and even detection during this time. These are all skills that if developed well, they can use throughout their lives. They also learn how to communicate and receive commands from both their parents and humans.

A dog that is not properly socialized will not be confident and may have difficulties fitting into new environments. They could be easily confused and fearful. Neither of these traits is good for both house dogs and dogs that are meant to work or show animals. Unsocialized dogs also tend to have more behavioral problems. They act out in situations in which they are not comfortable. This can mean chewing, barking, or even viciousness. Other dogs are the best trainers for a new pup, so keeping them with their littermates and parents will help them grow and develop into confident, well-behaved dogs.

Skills Development

The German Shepherd puppies at Lara’s Canine come with an amazing pedigree. They are bred to be experts at detection, which is great for policing, and agility. While these traits are inbred and instinctual, they also need to be developed. These puppies are spending time with their mother and littermates, with whom their skills are already becoming apparent. The parental dogs provide a good example and play with siblings will mimic and develop these skills. German Shepherds are well-known police dogs, and it’s important to develop these skills as early as possible. The same goes for agility. There is no better training ground for a pup than an open space with their siblings.

German Shepherd Puppies and Humans

The fact is, the puppy will most likely be going from a place with many other puppies to a home with either none or comparatively very few. Most of the interactions throughout their lives will be with humans. Dog breeders are dog experts who will calmly and confidently help your puppy get used to human interaction in a safe and respectful way. A newborn puppy sent into a home without that buffer will be extremely stressed and have incredible difficulty adjusting.

When it comes to adopting German Shepherd puppies, it is natural to be impatient. However, waiting just a few short weeks to have this beautiful and intelligent pet in your home will pay off down the road.

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