Why Responsible Dog Breeding is so Important

Responsible dog breeding plays a big part in the overall health and wellness of a puppy as they grow into adults. As someone who may be considering adopting from a breeder, you shou

ld always do what you can do make sure that they are reputable, trustworthy, and provide the best care for the animals. Here are some reasons why dealing with a responsible dog breeder is so important. 


Healthy Dog Breeding


A responsible dog breeder does whatever they can to make sure that the animals in their care are as healthy as possible at all times. This applies whether the dog is a brand new pup or the parent. They will run all of the necessary tests to check for health issues, and provide the care and nurturing they need. If a dog has a health issue, they will provide it with veterinary care and disclose those issues to the potential dog owner. In many cases, a responsible dog breeder will have a partnership with a local veterinarian’s office that can provide a reference for that breeder. 


They Care Where the Animals Go

Puppy mills are known to simply take payment for a puppy and send it on its way. With a dog breeder, they will take the time to get to know prospective owners and make sure that they are suitable to own a dog. This is because a responsible breeder wants what is best for their dogs, and will do whatever they can to find a good home. This means that the application process will be more extensive since they will want all of your information in order to make a good decision for the dogs. Not only will this information help in determining who will be responsible dog owners, but it will also weed out owners who may not be a good fit for each particular dog. 


They Understand Each Dog’s Personality

While a litter of pups may look the same, the fact is that each one of the dogs has a distinctive personality. Some are laid-back, some are excitable, and others can be aggressive. An effective dog trainer will take a dog’s personality trait and develop a strategy for training a dog with those characteristics. The breeder can then help match each pup to a home that would be most appropriate. They may also be able to recommend a good dog trainer for your new pooch. 


They Will Try Matching a Puppy, Even if it Doesn’t Work the First Time

It’s sad, but sometimes new dog owners do not enjoy the experience. It might be that the dog has temper issues, or they are too energetic, or even that their dog scratches their floor. Whatever the reason, if a dog owner does not want a puppy anymore, a good dog breeding professional will accept that pet back and try to find a better fit.


They Foster Better Connections

A dog that is born with a responsible breeder will be much more likely to bond with its new owner. This is because they take such good care of these animals and make sure that they are properly socialized. They may be nervous around you at first, but they will be trained by their mother and potentially a dog trainer to trust certain people, and they will follow you and love you as only a dog can. 


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