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Lara’s Canine Solutions is proud to announce the opening of our new location! Located on scenic Ranch Road 12 between San Marcos and Wimberley, the address is 6595 RR12, San Marcos, TX 78666, (512) 618-6006. Set in a beautiful forest, we have over seven acres for a peaceful stay.

The kennels are yurts that house the dogs inside, and offer all day freedom to go out to exercise via individual dog doors. The buildings are climate controlled, and have radiant flooring to heat and cool through the skin and feet, which is a dog’s natural mechanism. The outdoor play groups are separated by solid walls to prevent fence fighting and barrier frustration. It is constructed to withstand the toughest treatment. Fresh water is available all day and night via Lixits, which attach to spigots and deliver water whenever the dog noses the lever. Domed ceilings with huge skylights provide natural light and allow ventilation. The center of the yurts is perfect for training and behavioral work.

Our human height indoor spaces are big enough to allow stretching, but small enough to encourage housebreaking. The walls are solid so there is no barrier aggression between dogs. The dog door access is restricted at night, so that the dogs can rest and rejuvenate without disruption.

The office is set up for evaluations, easy drop offs and pickups. The separation of the kennels and the office mean that the dogs are not stressed by the publics’ comings and goings. Tours to the kennels are provided upon request.

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Which facility is better for your dog?

New Braunfels 
Bigger play areas
Convenience of Location 
Fields and lawns 
Better for exceptionally Giant

San Marcos
Easier on older dogs or dogs with medical issues
Convenience of Location
Hiking trails and forest
10 runs designed for Escape Artists

Refresher Training available upon request

One on one attention

Bath included with a 2 night stay of boarding

Special needs are catered to

Convenient Drop-off and Pick-up

Easier on older dogs or dogs with medical issues

Convenience of Location

Hiking trails and forest

10 runs designed for Escape Artists

Indoor/ Outdoor Runs

Climate Controlled

Radiant flooring

Calming Environment

Come check out our NEW LOCATION!

Circular design and solid walls ensure peaceful environment.

Note on the one with the overhead mesh. “For that special escape artist”

Separate office building for parking intakes and evaluations. Keeps the dogs from excess commotion.

Dog doors allow choice between climate controlled and exercise during the day

Solid walls between play groups prevent fence fighting