German Shepherd Breeding and Dog Boarding San Antonio

German Shepherd Breeding/Dog Boarding San Antonio A puppy is a bundle of energy, puppy kisses, and tail wags. Many people are concerned that a professional trainer might train that free-spirited puppy nature out of them. Your adult dog might have problem behaviors (jumping on guests, shredding the couch) but isn't that just Max being Max? Enrolling your puppy or dog in professional dog training like the training offered in the peaceful country atmosphere of Lara's Canine Solutions is one of the best things you can do for your four-legged friend, as well as for yourself as a dog owner.

Canine Training Requires Hard Work and Commitment

Canine Training, Dog Training Many people adopt puppies without understanding the amount of hard work and commitment canine training requires. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), almost half of all shelter intakes are the result of owners relinquishing their pets. Many times, these dogs are abandoned because their owners are unable to control problem behaviors. Effective dog training techniques can help owners address negative behavioral issues. Dog trainers work with owners and pets to resolve problem behaviors, keeping dogs in homes rather than shelters. 

German Shepherd Breeding

German Shepherd BreedingThe words German Shepherd Dog often conjure up visions of a heroic dog of film fame or a military canine doing its job alongside a soldier. While the characteristics of both are embodied in the breed, it is important to be careful about German Shepherd breeding when selecting a new pet. The popularity of the breed has sometimes resulted in people producing puppies and dogs with only profit in mind. Ignoring stable temperament and correct conformation often leads to dogs with health and behavioral issues. The breed is a fairly modern addition to the canine world first appearing in the late 1800’s as a herding dog. Those pursuing early German Shepherd breeding lines focused on dogs that were intelligent, loyal and had the structural integrity to handle working long hours in the outdoors.

Canine Training - Different Methods for Different Situations

Canine Training in San AntonioIt’s important to use canine training methods that are appropriate to a dog’s situation. Those who get new puppies can be overwhelmed with questions. They need to be educated on the many puppy stages, teaching techniques, and housebreaking while understanding the dog’s mentality. Second hand dogs need to learn love and respect while receiving proper care. Rehabilitation dogs come with their own set of problems. Rescued from traumatic or abusive situations, they need to learn confidence. The goal is a mentally stable and healthy pet. Then there are the therapy and service dogs and bird dogs. These dogs need to learn their work from someone with experience. All of these cases can greatly benefit from professional trainers.

Dog Boarding in San Antonio

Dog Boarding in San AntonioWhen dog owners go on vacation or have to go out of town for a few days on a business trip, they are often faced with the dilemma of what to do with their pets. One of the best options available to residents in San Antonio and other areas is dog boarding. Friends may be able to help out, but they are not qualified to meet certain needs and cannot offer the same services as a dog boarding facility.

German Shepherd Breeding - Healthy Stock Leads to Happy Dogs German Shepherd Breeding German shepherds have become an extremely popular breed of dog due to their many admirable qualities. They are loyal, energetic, and hard-working dogs that can adapt to a large variety of situations. They are extremely intelligent, and they often enjoy the limelight for their services to policemen, firefighters and airport officials. Breeding these dogs can provide a rewarding experience that will change the lives of anyone that comes into contact with this well-respected breed.

Dog Boarding in San Antonio

Dog Boarding in San Antonio   Going away when you're living in San Antonio means that you need to make a few provisions. Certainly, you'll be setting a budget and finding someone to take in the newspaper while you are gone, but you also need to look into dog boarding. What are some dog boarding services you want to look for when choosing one that best fits your pet's individual needs?

Canine Training

Canine Training in San AntonioThere is no question that dog ownership is a rewarding experience, especially in a place like San Antonio, where there is so much for a dog and its owner to enjoy. A pet is often the perfect addition to any family or individual looking to add a new, fun friend to their life. With this being said, canine training is a very important thing to consider for any new dog owner.