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dog training, dog obedience classes There may be no better companion than a well-trained dog. One of the bonuses of adopting from a reputable breeder in New Braunfels is you will most likely adopt a dog that has received some dog training before you take them home. For our litter of German Shepherds, we will start with some training, but you can also bring your pup to dog obedience classes on an ongoing basis. Dog training is so important to not just teach behavior, but also to build a bond between dog and owner. Here are some of the key rules to follow when training German Shepherds.

German Shepherd puppies, dog breeder As you may have heard, Lara’s Canine Solutions has a fantastic litter of German Shepherd puppies available to puppy lovers in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and the surrounding area.  We are very excited to present them to the world and look forward to seeing them grow, develop, and move on to their loving forever homes. Everyone loves puppies, but you can’t simply take one of these puppies home with you right away. Puppies need to stay with the dog breeder for a little while after birth. During this time, they learn skills and socialize so they will be well-adjusted when they move away from the litter. Here are some reasons why it’s best that a puppy stays a little while with the dog breeder.

Can You Teach Dog Obedience to a Senior Pet?

dog obedience, dog trainer We’ve all heard the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but is that the reality? Once a dog hits senior age, many dog owners have long since stopped thinking about teaching dog obedience. Whether you have had the dog for a long time, or are adopting a senior, there is no reason to think they cannot be taught to behave better. All dogs, regardless of age, want to be part of a family and feel useful. They also all need to stay active. Dog obedience training, whether by yourself or with a dog trainer, can help with all those things. Essentially, keeping your dog engaged can keep them feeling youthful.

German Shepherd Breeding: Tips for First Time Breeders

If you’re a first-time breeder it’s critical that you’re prepared as much as you can for your first litter. German Shepherd breeding, dog breeders German Shepherd breeding is a very challenging experience, but it can also be a rewarding one. The first thing you must know is that it’s very time-consuming. Beyond that, it’s labor-intensive and can even result in failed attempts, which can often be heartbreaking. You must have a true commitment and a lot of patience if you’re going to see it through. When done properly it will take months (if not years) of being organized and diligent planning before the actual breeding takes place. In addition, it’s going to be expensive. These facts aren’t meant to deter you from proceeding, they’re just the harsh reality of successful breeding.

When to Hire a Dog Trainer (and Choosing the Right One)

dog trainerYou may have gotten a new puppy, or you may have an older dog that you would like to behave differently. No matter the situation, a dog trainer can help improve your dog’s behavior and make your home more harmonious. There are many techniques and methods for dog training, and not all dog and dog obedience classes are the same. Here is a quick guide to knowing when the time is right to hire a dog trainer.  

Common Dog Behavior Problems and Causes with Adopted Dogs

dog adoption It feels wonderful to bring a new furry family member into your San Antonio home, and it is even more rewarding when it is a dog that has been rescued. Adopting a rescued dog means that you are saving it from a life of neglect, abandonment, abuse, or sometimes all three. Because of the situations that these dogs come from, rescue dogs often have dog behavior problems that can be difficult to manage. While it can be a great challenge, sticking with your new friend will give you a lifetime of love and commitment. Here are some common dog behavior issues when it comes to dog adoption.

Dog Obedience Classes - Is Your Dog Ready?

dog obedience classes , dog trainingNo matter what stage of life your dog is in, dog obedience classes will help your pooch socialize, integrate with your family, and learn skills. Those skills will help him follow your directions which can also be vital to his safety. Here are some things to know about dog training, so you can answer for yourself whether your dog is ready to take them.

Dog Adoption from a Rescue or Shelter: What is the Difference?

dog adoption, dog rescue Thousands of animal lovers in New Braunfels and the San Antonio area make the decision to adopt their pets instead of buying them from unsavory puppy mills. Adopting means that you can give an animal a chance at a better life after they have been removed from a bad situation. The question is, should you adopt from a shelter or from a rescue? In some areas, these terms may be interchangeable, but in fact, they are not necessarily the same thing. Here is a quick guide to dog adoption from rescues and shelters.

Would a Dog Breeder Prefer a Titer Test to Annual Vaccinations?

dog breederFor some people, right or wrong, childhood vaccinations are a controversial subject. The same can be said for dog vaccines as well. It is common for veterinarians to administer regular vaccines to keep animals safe, but there may be an even safer method to make sure that a dog is protected. If you are a dog breeder you love your dogs and only want what is best for them as well as their offspring.  A titer test is a way to check if dogs are already immune to a disease, and thus would not need a potentially harmful vaccination.

Essential Dog Training Skills for Achieving Long-Term Success

dog training, dog trainerWe all want our dogs to be perfectly trained for all situations. It can seem like a daunting goal, but it is in fact quite attainable. The key to dog training is to remember that you need to be trained yourself to do it properly. We need education on dog behavior so that we know what will work and what won’t. Once we have been trained properly, then we can properly train our dogs. Here are some skills to develop so that your dog behaves in any situation, whether it be playing in a San Antonio park or going through dog boarding.